Read 7 Famous Great Mathematicians of india Till Date

India has been the birth place of many great minds in different fields. Be it mathematics or literature, science or philosophy, India has gifted the world with many talents. Great mathematicians of Indian origin have revolutionized the subject and have given incomparable contributions to mathematics. Here is a list of some of the great mathematicians of India who have revolutionized the field of mathematics starting from the Indus Valley civilization to the modern times:

Read about 7 Great Mathematicians of india

7. Brahmagupta:Great Mathematicians of india brahmagupta

Well known for his contribution to modern numbering system and computation of the numeral zero, Brahmagupta is a mathematicians and astronomer belonging to the native of Bhinmal. Though he gave the rules to compute zero, as his works included no derivations and proofs, it is still a mystery that how he got his results.

6. Aryabhata:Great Mathematicians of india aryabhata

Truly the brightest gem among Indian mathematicians of the classical age, Aryabhata is also a renowned astronomer. He explained the sinusoidal functions, single variable quadratic equation solution and calculated the value of pi up to four decimal places. He also explained many astronomical events like lunar and solar eclipse, reflection of light by moon, calculated the earth’s radius with 99.8% accuracy.

5. Bhaskara:Great Mathematicians of india bhaskara

Bhaskara is famous Indian mathematician as well as philosopher. He derived that any number divided by zero. He also said that any number when added to infinity gives infinity as the result. He is also famous for his commentaries on Brahma Sutras. His works are extensively explained in a book named ‘Sidhanta Siromani’.

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4. D.R. Kaprekar:Great Mathematicians of india d-r-kaprekar

One of the great mathematicians of India, D.R. Kaprekar is known for his work in number theory. He is a recreational mathematician who has revolutionised the number systems by describing different classes of natural numbers. He did not receive much education in maths yet his work in the field can easily out throw other mathematicians. He even has a constant named after him.

3. Srinivasa Ramanujan:Great Mathematicians of india srinivasa-ramanujan

He is among the most famous Indian mathematicians who is known to every maths enthusiast in the world. His works in elliptical functions, identities in partition of numbers, Hardy-Ramanujan-Littlewood circle method in number theory, partial sums and hypergeometric series. He even has a stamp dedicated to him.

2. Satyendranath Bose:Great Mathematicians of india satyendranath-bose

With specialisation in mathematical physics, Satyendranath Bose hails from Bengal. He is popular for his quantum mechanics work. He worked alongside Albert Einstein to form the foundation of Bose-Einstein statistics and result in the theory of Bose-Einstein condensate. He was awarded the Padma Vibhushan Award by the Government of India in the year 1954.

1. Harish Chandra:Great Mathematicians of india harish-chandra

He is a famous Indian mathematician and physicist who is known for his work in fundamental representation theory. He is also known for his work on harmonic analysis of semisimple Lie Groups. He has Indian-American ancestry. He passed out from the prestigious University of Allahabad and he got his master’s degree in Physics after which he moved into IIS, Bangalore. He has also worked with Homi J. Bhabha.


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