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Nothing can replace a mug of beer at parties today. Every gossip and every talk become way more interesting with a bottle of beer in hand. Though Indians have started accepting the trend just a few years back, the popularity of the trend is skyrocketing at present. Your search for the best beer in India ends here as we offer you the choice of the top 10 Best beer brands in India.

The world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage is prepared by fermenting cereal grains. Made in breweries, beer production in India is on the rise. Availability of different types of beer in India speaks of its soaring fame in India.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Beer brands in India:

  1. Hoegaarden: Listed among the most demanded beer brands in India, Hoegaarden offers a citrus flavour beer. The beer is lighter than other beer brands and goes well with all kinds of beer brands in India hoegaarden
  2. Corona Extra: Made from a Mexican brewery named Cerveceria Modelo, Coors beer is a widely popular beer all over the globe. At present, it is sold in over 170 countries which also include India.

    best beer brands in India corona-extra
    Beer brands in India
  3. Estrella Damm Barcelona: With a mere Rs200 pocket pinch, Estrella Damm Barcelona offers a refreshing yet strong flavor which sets up your mood. It is light in taste but has got a slightly bitter finish in every gulp.

    best beer brands in India estrella-damm-barcelona
    Beer brands in India
  4. Carlsberg: With a tagline “probably the best beer in the world”, Carlsberg truly offers one of the best beer in India. The Danish brand is popular for its breweries and it has been brewing beer since beer brands in India carlsberg
  5. Budweiser Magnum: With substantial crispness and strength, Budweiser Magnum beer is widely popular among the young folk. With a smooth taste and higher alcohol content than other, it is a favourite among college students. It costs around Rs 135.

    best beer brands in India budweiser-magnum
    Beer brands in India
  6. Stella Artois: Yet another popular beer brand in India is Stella Artois! Costing around Rs 200 in Delhi NCR, Stella is one the few Belgium beers which has reached such a height of popularity in India. It has no breweries in India and all its units are imported from Belgium.
best beer brands in India stella-artois
Beer brands in India

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7. Haywards:

Best Beer in India haywards
Beer brands in India

International beer producer SAB Miller brews beer under the name Haywards. It offers different types of beer in India. While Haywards 5000 offers strong beers with higher alcohol content, Haywards black and Haywards 2000 offers lighter beer with low alcohol percentage.

8. Pune ‘Oaked Brown Ale’: With a pocket pinch of Rs. 180 in Pune, the Oaked Brown Ale offered by Independence Brewing Company takes beer taste to a whole new level. After being oaked for over three months, this dark ale gains flavor of caramel and hints of coffee. It is listed among the best beer brands in India.Best Beer in India pune-oaked-brown-ale

9. Dark Knight: Toit’s Dark Knight is highly popular in south India, particularly in Bangalore. It costs around Rs. 200. Its strong coffee and dark chocolate notes make Toit’s Dark Knight one of the best beers in India.

Best Beer in India dark-knight
Beer brands in India


10. Bira 91: Bira offers two widely popular beer in India named Bira 91 Blonde and Bira 91 White. Costing around Rs. 175- 185 in Delhi, Bira 91 White offers citrus light notes and a soft finish while Bira 91 Blonde has a lingering floral taste.


Best Beer in India bira-91
Beer brands in India

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