Top 10 Best Fainess Cream For Men in 2020

t’s not just women who have skin problems, men have them too. And the main skin concern they have is dark and dull skin. Often we used to see men using fairness creams of women to get a better look as there weren’t many options in face creams for men. But presently the market offers a wide range of options in fairness cream for men to make men get that fair glowing skin. Today men too do not shy away from buying fairness creams as they know they need it too!

Here is the list of the best fairness cream for men in India:


1. Garnier Men Power Light:

Garnier is a well-known brand of skin and hair-care products. Its active ingredients help in controlling the oil level in their skin and help men get rid of pimples by controlling sweating.

2. Emami Fair and Handsome: Emami has been well known for being one of the most trusted brands in India because of its top grade ingredients. It makes men’s tough skin smooth and fair.

3. Vaseline Men Anti spot Whitening Total Fairness Serum:Vaseline launched this spot reduction and skin whitening serum for men which helps in reducing acne and pimple marks from the face. It lightens the skin tone and helps in reducing spots caused due to acne and frequent sun exposure.

4. Nivea Advanced Whitening for Men: This cream is one of the best face creams for men in India. Its availability in small size makes it portable. Its advanced oil control formula helps men get rid of that sweaty and oily look in summer.

5. VLCC Men Active Light Fairness Moisturiser: VLCC’s tan protect Men Active Light Fairness Moisturiser is highly fruitful in removing dark patches from skin. It contains mulberry extracts which are a natural skin whitening agent. Mint leaf extract gives a fresh and smooth feel to the skin.

6. Clinique Maximum Hydrator for Men: This non-greasy hydrating cream for men goes deep into men’s tough skin and provides deep miniaturization and hydration. It prevents overdrying of skin and keeps the skin healthy and supple.

7. Fair and Lovely Max Fairness Cream: Fair and Lovely is brand people in India blindly believe in. It’s Max Fairness Cream for men helps men maintain smooth and tan-proof skin. Its vitamin supplements improve skin complexion by reducing dark spots.

8. Pond’s Men Oil Control Fairness Moisturiser: The cream is rich in mineral clay and witch hazel which have been proved to be one of the best skin whitening natural agents. It also prevents excess oil generation in skin.

9. Loreal Paris Men Expert White ActivPower4 Whitening Moisturizer: Loreal is a famous international brand well known for its skincare, haircare and makeup products. This advanced moisturizing cream gives men a smooth and even toned skin.

10. Oriflame North Fairness Cream for Men: This cream by Oriflame, one of the most popular international brands, helps in preventing skin pigmentation in men. It makes your face look visibly faairer in just a few weeks.

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