All Time Favorite Must Read Books for 2020

Books are our best FPGs (Friend, Philosopher and Guide)! Must read books list is something that each of us should have. Just reading anything that comes your way isn’t worth it. Ensuring that you read the best books from the supreme literary heavyweights is worth spending time, energy and money on it.

There are different genres of books available in market and therefore to make your task easy, we have enlisted the Top 10 Must Read Books for 2016 for you. So you need not run around looking for the best books of the year anymore. Just scroll down to see the list:

10 must-read books of all time

  1. LaRose
    Louise Erdrich 

Release Date: 10th May’2016

About: A narrative magic that tells the tale of a tragic accident in which a  man unintentionally shoots a five-year-old boy, his neighbour’s son and how both the families handle this emotional disaster. 

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  1. Reasons to Stay Alive
    Author: MattHaig

Release Date: 23rd February’2016

About : A chronicle of depression by this British journalist, it is so agonizing and influential that it will certainly touch the hearts and become a contemporary classic. It is about making the best out of your time and learning to live with apprehensions and depression.

  1. The Happiness Track
    Author: Emma Seppala

Release Date: 26th January’2016

About: A prominent health psychologist talks about the key role of happiness in fast-tracking both our personal and professional success. Each of us wants to stay happy and get successful; but face numerous hurdles while trying to achieve these in our day to day lives. Emma tells us how to lead an anxiety-free life and achieve what we want.

  1. How to Have a Good Day

Author: Caroline Webb

Release Date: 2nd February ’2016

About: Economist and former McKinsey consultant, Caroline, guides us with ways of maintaining a balance between work and life. She shows us how to make use of recent findings to change our approach in life. And also boost our performance at workplace and positive energies in personal life.

  1. Moonglow

Author: Michael Chabon 

Release Date: 1st November ’2016

About: Pulitzer-Prize winner Chabbon takes us through his latest journey exploring faith and creation. Indeed one of themust read books this year. It deserves all your precious leisure time that usually gets consumed in watching thosepopular TV series!

  1. Eligible

Author: Curtis Sittenfeld 

Release Date: 19th  April ’2016

About: This contemporary retelling of Pride and Prejudice is going to win our hearts by its wonderful tenderness and fun. We will meet a completely new version of Bennett family where Jane is a yoga teacher, Liz is a magazine writer and Darcy is an infuriating neurosurgeon, but first impressions are still deceiving!

  1. Imagine Me Gone

Author: Adam Haslett 

Release Date: 3rd May ’2016

About: Another great work and one of the must read books for 2016, it is the story of a family that faces a very critical question that how far can one go for those whom he/she loves the most?  It is a heart touching and unforgettable chronicle that has the power of changing how we see the most important people and relationships in life.

  1. Ghost Fleet

Author: P.W. Singer and August Cole

Released on: 30th June’2015

About: Those who have read this already would know how amazingly this book gives an insight into what will the future global conflict look like? This 21st century futuristic thriller is really a page-turning and speculative experience.

  1. How to Be Right: The Art of Being Persuasively Correct

Author: Greg Gutfeld

Must Read Books
Must Read Books

Released On: 27th October’2015

About: Your 2016 books list would be incomplete without this. Being right is not enough unless you know the art of expressing your views and principles as effectively as possible. Gutfeld has very aptly provided his readers the tools that are required to convince and influence people around them.

  1. Wealth, Poverty and Politics: An International Perspective

Author: Thomas Sowell

Must Read Books
Must Read Books

Released On:  8th September’2015

About: This book shows us how the struggles created by political and ideological issues have led to hazardous uncertainties about income inequality in America. It will make us understand that focusing only on the distribution of wealth is not enough. Rather, wealth production factors like demography, culture and geographical features of the country are equally important.


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