How To Wear a Rectangular Blanket Scarf Simplest Guide Ever

Whether it is summer or winter scarf is something that you get easily carry and make it trendy with your looks. We have often seen girls carrying scarf on the net with answers lying down the neck and they are not even adding anything to their style. Obviously some girls even try to cover their faces with the scarf and that is what the ultimate use of scarf. In this article we will tell you about the different ways of how to wear a rectangular blanket scarf ?

You must all be very astound to know that there are different ways of wearing the rectangular blanket scarf which are so happy and so fashionable that it gives your outfit a totally new and different look.

However it is true enough that the blanket scarfs are different from the regular scarf. But you can say where the blankets come in your daily routine. Of course the word blanket as specifically to the winter season but you can surely use the below given ways for your summer season scarf too.


The blanket scarf looks like your routines ka maybe because it is a square and you can easily tie this scarf in more than 2 ways.

It comes with a comfortable fabric which is not even heavy on your neck.

The best part about the blanket scarf is that it is literally long as blanket which can later be wrapped up on your body. You are surely going to learn different ways of how to wear a rectangular blanket scarf. So get ready:

The first on the list is the pullover style:

how to wear a rectangular blanket scarf


First you need to hold the scars in half which makes it look somehow like a rectangle. Now time it down to your neck making one side longer than the other. Now grab the corner of the longest side and will it to the other side of your neck and tuck in. Taaa-daaa you are done. You may either go with the same steps to twice or make it like a threefold scarf with beautiful plates.

The rectangular regular wrap:

how to wear a rectangular blanket scarf


Make sure that you are using a full version of the regular scarf. Again you have to follow the same pattern as the previous one makes sure that you have folded your scarf in rectangular plates hang around your neck and make sure that one side of the scarf is longer than the other. Now bring it around the other side of the short and the long one around the neck. Here you go with the trendy scarf wrap.

The last but not the least from how to wear a rectangular blanket scarf tutorial.

The triangular sulk:

how to wear a rectangular blanket scarf

This is one of the best trendy and also a winter safe scarf wrap. First make sure that you fold the scarf in a triangular shape. Now bring it along your neck and make sure that the corners of the triangle go back. Full one corner of the triangle to the other side around the neck. Repeat the same process with the other corner. Here you go you got a very beautiful cravat on your neck and it is actually very pretty with the formal clothing.

Above given were the ways of how to wear a rectangular blanket scarf. We are sure you have learnt something trendy and new!

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